In praise of dirty socks


Anyone who knows this particular governor knows that I like things tidy. I like straight lines and organised email folders. I love a good spreadsheet and my desk is immaculate. I could not teach in a primary school due to the volume of glue and paint  involved. Every evening I lay out clean clothes for my children and every morning I do battle with the hairbrush to get my five year old looking smart for school.

And then she comes home looking like she has spent most of the day rolling in mud. Seriously filthy. Head to toe in paint, glitter, grass and mud. So much mud.

And I love it.

Children need to get messy. They need to get covered in paint. They need to run around outside till they are sweaty and ready to drop. They need to collect leaves; make mud soup and befriend snails. Children need space to jump, dance, sing and shout.

When I walk down the footpath next to the Forest School, I can really see what an amazing resource this is. An outdoor classroom where our children can learn about the natural world is such an enrichment to their education. Brushing leaves and dried mud out of hair is a small price to pay for that experience.

So bring on the paint-splattered polo shirts. Bring on the wet, muddy cardigan. Bring on the dirty socks.


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